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What is Google Webmaster Tools?

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsWhat is Google Webmaster Tools?
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Google has many tools that help your website become successful. From Google Analytics, that measures you website traffic to Google Trends, which provides you with up to date on keyword related to your website. Utilizing Google tools can only help your website. One of the must-have tools to utilize is Google Webmaster tools. It allows website owners to ensure their website is working efficiently.Google Webmaster tools can help you with some SEO techniques as well. This tool allows you to manage your website.
You can see where the issues are within your site and fix them promptly. You don’t need to sign up with Webmaster to appear on the search engine, however it does provide you with information needed to maintain and optimize your website. To ensure your website gets noticed by Google it is best to consult with an SEO firm. Our firm preforms an audit of your website to find certain areas that can be improved and which webpages have issues.

webmaster academy tools Here are some of the main way Google Webmaster Tool can help:

1.  Check to see if your website has been indexed.
2.  Helps optimize the visibility of your website.
3.  Allows you to submit and check a sitemap.
4.  View statistics about how Google accesses a site.
5.  Generate and check robot.txt.
6.  List internal and external pages that link to the website.
7.  Discover text pages blocked by robot.txt.
8.  List internal and external pages that link to the website.
9.  Retrieve a list of broken links for the site.
10.Receive notification of google penalties.


Even if you are not preforming SEO on your website, you should be familiarized with Webmaster. Knowing even the basics cane helpful to maintaining a website. Google offers a free Webmaster Academy. This provides you with a few courses to allow you to understand the benefits of this tool. With our SEO company, we recommend that our clients provide us with full access to their Webmaster Tools. It also helps a great deal if they understand it. We realize what a valuable tool webmaster is. It will help monitor your ranking, visualize your traffic and lead to informed decisions about the appearance of your website in the search results. In conjunction with Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Adwords you can have a profitable website.

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