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Using Social Media for Content Marketing

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When opening a business there are so many things to take into consideration, marketing is one of those things. Marketing is important, in fact its what most business owners spend most of their time doing. In order for marketing to be successful you need to learn how to prioritize. There are lots of ways to get all the marketing you need to get done without it taking up all your time and resources. Listed below are a few tips to help you prioritize and have an effective content marketing strategy while keeping you focused on other tasks.

Know Your Target Audience

Content_imgBefore you start to decide what content you are going to use on your website, you first need to take your audience in to consideration. For example if your audience is looking for specific pricing on an item, you may want to consider putting pricing on your website. Communication is huge with your customers, if you aren’t sure what they want, have each of your customers complete a survey on how you can help them online. Giving your customers a chance for their input , lets them know that you care about what they think, and value their opinion. Also giving your clients a chance for their input , they’re more likely to recommend your business to others. 

Share Images

When posting photos they can sometimes be overlooked, but they shouldn’t. With Instagram being one of the leading social media sites for posting photos, it can help your business tremendously. Posting photos online can give your customers a preview of new products or services as well as a look at your business. You can use your customers to help promote the photos online by tagging your business in related posts or photos on social media. By posting and sharing your photos online this will help increase your marketing and help you reach other online platforms. You want to make sure you only post about 2 to 3 photos a week , you don’t want to overflow your page with photos, because it can turn your customers away from your site.


  If you are having some difficulty deciding what to post , look at other businesses that are in your industry to get an idea. You want to do your own research on studies and numbers that you think your readers will enjoy and share that with them.The audience that you are trying to reach out to will always be intrigued by original research.

In conclusion you want to make sure that you are keeping an eye out on how good your posts are doing. Try to focus on how much traffic that certain post brought to your page. If a particular post generated more traffic than usual, you would want to post more about that certain subject.

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