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Using Pinterest to help your Marketing Strategy

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsUsing Pinterest to help your Marketing Strategy
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Pinterest has helped people drive large amounts of traffic to their sites, improve social SEO, but also can have huge revenue driving and commerce advantages for businesses. Pinterest users purchase items more often and in greater quantities, spend more money, and shop more frequently than any other social network.

One benefit when setting up and optimizing your business Pinterest page is improved SEO and search rankings. Below you will find ways that Pinterest can help improve your SEO and your digital marketing strategy. Here are six ways Pinterest can help boost your SEO and improve your digital marketing strategy.

You can build backlinks to your website


Pinterest can allow you to grow the viewership of content posted, it can also create a huge amount of back linking for your site. In SEO terms, a backlink is an invaluable thing to have, as search engines create page rankings by taking into account how many outside links lead people back to your site. With proper usage of Pinterest, you easily create many of these useful backlinks to your site.

Once you’ve created a Pinterest account for your business, you can upload pins, inserting links into the captions and information of your posts. This means that every time someone “pins” or shares one of those posts a new backlink is created. The more repins of your content, the more backlinks you get back to your site.

Keyword Targeting

Another big part of a strong SEO strategy is keyword targeting. In order to do this effectively, you must use keywords frequently in your content that your target audience is searching for. This increases your page rank when those keywords are searched.

You can work keyword targeting into Pinterest posts as well. Use the same keywords in the descriptions of your pins, along with a link back to your website. This should help will bring your Pinterest page up in the rankings for those keywords as well, providing yet another way for people to find your content. A high ranking Pinterest page also increases the value of those backlinks, in turn boosting your SEO even further.

Improve your Social Rankings

Social signals are factored into Google’s organic search algorithms. Pinterest provides yet another opportunity for your visitors, prospects and customers to generate social signals (Tweets, Likes, Shares, Google +1’s, and now Pins). Social signals indicate to Google that people want to socialize your content with people they have relationships with, which signals that your content is relevant.

This can help improve your rankings for more of your content across the site (not just the content you chose to pin.

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