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Understanding Google Analytics

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Understanding Google Analytics and its core features is a way to make the most out of any tracking you conduct with an online website or blog. Reviewing and understanding the features Google Analytics has to offer helps to gain additional insight into your users’ behavior when browsing and accessing any website or blog you are tracking with the tool.

Why Use Google Analytics?
Using Google Analytics helps individuals to learn more about patterns of browsing when visitors are accessing your sites and blogs. There are various factors to consider that Google Analytics covers for all webmasters looking to gain additional information regarding their site and how it is being used by visitors and potential online customers or future clients.

Understand Your Audience More In-Depth
Understanding Google Analytics allows insight into your audience more in-depth by tracking them internationally and regionally. You can also view the number of visitors and page views your website has received with Google Analytics by selecting the state and area of the country you are interested in to learn more once you are logged in to your own Google account.

Track Separate Sites and Blogs
Using Google Analytics gives users the option of tracking separate sites and blogs simultaneously by creating new and separate channels after logging in to the Analytics platform itself. Adding new sites, blogs and URLs to your Google Analytics account is a way to keep track of various websites you have running to compare the success of advertisement placements and promotions you are currently running online and off.

Page Content Drill-Down
When you are logged in to Google Analytics and you have properly implemented the code into your site to begin tracking, you have the option of viewing a page content drill-down of any site you have monitored.

A page content drill-down gives more insight into the most popular pages of a website along with the amount of time spent on each page individually on average with online visitors and web users. Content page drill-downs can help to inform you of the most popular content and the hottest content at any given time, especially when running new marketing and advertising campaigns.

Time Spent on Your Site
With the use of Google Analytics it is also possible to review the amount of time a user spends on your website on average. Reviewing the time spent on a site is possible within the main section of Google Analytics along with the content drill-down area of the administration panel of the site.

Checking the time spent on your websites and blogs with the use of Google Analytics is a way to determine if your marketing campaigns are working and whether or not your website is accessible and appealing enough to keep your visitor’s attention.

Bounce Rate
Using Google Analytics is a great way to determine the bounce rate of your site. Bounce rate percentages determine the number of users who leave your website after visiting the first page alone.

Knowing more about Google Analytics and why it is beneficial to businesses is a way to track any demographic or audience regardless of the site you are monitoring at any time. Using Google Analytics effectively ultimately helps to increase the number of page views and visitors a website is capable of generating regardless of its purpose or the industry it represents.

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