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Track the Success of Your Local Campaign Without Rankings

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsTrack the Success of Your Local Campaign Without Rankings
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Rankings are the best tool to display your success. The amount of web traffic that the top positions on Google receive, makes it paramount to get your webpage up there. With the Pigeon update in motion and the effects still lingering on the search engine algorithm, you can use these other tools to look at success in a different way.

Organic Traffic

How much traffic is coming on to the site since the changes began? You can compare these numbers to the previous periods numbers and start building a chart. If you are unsure on how to find the organic traffic data – you can easily find it in Google Analytics. Once in Google Analytics, go to Acquisition – Channels, and then look in to Organic Traffic. This method sometimes doesn’t provide the most accurate numbers. You can also go to Acquisition, All Traffic, and then scan the source column for the organic search sources. However, higher rankings in Google will lead to more organic traffic. These metrics are intertwined with the ranking position of your business. Organic traffic is the life of a website. The point of getting a webpage ranked higher, is to gain the organic traffic.

Google Maps & Driving Directions

It’s important to set up Google Maps for your business. Google Maps gives more than just directions to your business. Google Maps gives potential customers easy access to your phone number. There is no real way to track this number, except by asking customers how they heard about you – which isn’t too much to ask. However, in Google My Business Insights, you can approximately track how many people are clicking on the driving directions to your location. If someone does a query for a local company, your business appearing is another way to get potential customers and traffic to your site.

Deliver Reports With Metrics That Matter

It is important to still understand that rankings are the most important aspect of SEO work. Getting a higher ranking leads to more traffic (organic). If someone is still unsure about an SEO Campaign, even after ranking higher on Google, you can check out these other tools to give them a different perspective. An SEO consultant wants your business to be successful – it ensures their success as well. So when talking to clients or your SEO consultant, these are some numbers you can look in to.

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