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The Importance of Link Building

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One of the most important aspects to having a high ranking, highly frequented website is link building. Link building is when your websites url is found on other websites. Essentially, having your url on another website links your site to another sites visitors. For example, a tourist site may have the link of a popular restaurant’s website on a page.


Having links on another page is imperative in a successful SEO. Search Engines use links to determine how well a page should rank in their results. If a website as a great deal of link building, the search engine believes it to be a high quality page will sufficient information. Search engines treat these links on other websites as evidence that your website is credible. If on high quality websites, the links acts as referrals or citations that show the information or products on your website is. Google believes that someone wouldn’t put a link on their website if they did not want people to visit it. For instance, you wouldn’t refer a friend to a bad restaurant, you would tell them about a good one. It also helps others discover new web pages.

There are many direct benefits to link building, such as building trust, increasing traffic, and brand building. Initially, link building build trust. As stated before, seeing a link to another website is the equivalent of a referral. This is especially true if your link is found on a high ranking website or a popular website. For example, if an individual sees a link to your website on a website they already trust, they are more likely to trust your website. It is similar to getting a referral from a friend you trust. Subsequently, this can lead to an increase in traffic to your website. There is a positive correlation between link building and website visitors. A link placed on a highly visited website can lead to an increase traffic. Even on a website that isn’t highly visited, your website can still get promoted with link building. For example, the small audience can be passionate or interested in the lesser visited website. They will still be highly likely to click on your link especially if it is related to the current site. Lastly, brand building is inevitable with link building. Having multiple links to your page will help increase the knowledge of your brand. With multiple referrals to your website, you can become increasingly well known and are likely to become viewed as an expert in the field. 

However, not all link building is beneficial. If not done the right way, link building can ruin your website. Link building must be authentic and not planted. Google has the ability to distinguish between a high quality link and a low quality link. Website found in blog comments, forum post, guestbook comments, editable wiki pages, yahoo answers, etc are typically not ranked and ignored. These post are not counted as link building, because the content isn’t modified. Furthermore, disregarding these links discourages individuals from spamming the website with multiple links to their website. However, placing your website’s url on the website is not entirely disadvantageous. Placing links on multiple post does not deter others from clicking on it to visit your website. While Google does not noticed your website, others on the website may. Ultimately, all link building campaigns must start with something worth linking to.

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