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Testing Blue Links in Search Menu?

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsTesting Blue Links in Search Menu?
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Google Testing Blue Links For Top Search Menu

This is another experiment by google to find out the effectiveness of the color blue vs its previous red. “Enough with the red, Google tests blue fonts and underline color in their main search menu.” – Search Engine Land. Our favorite search engine “Google” is at it again testing another UI (user interface) change on their desktop search results page. The change this time involved replacing the “red” navigation links at the top of the search results (wed, News, Images, Videos, Apps, More) with the color blue.

Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast, posted a screen shot on Twitter showing off the new blue color:

seo menu blue navigation google links

I really enjoy the blue hue and find it more refreshing, keep in mind it doesn’t make a huge difference in the searcher experience on Google. While most users will never notice the change, since it is not seen on ( Google is making changes and showing a blue colored font and bottom line versus their normal red font and bottom line.

Google has made a multitude of changes over the years to their user interface tests, Seach Engine Land has listed them for you to view.

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