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If you’re looking for high quality SEO services, look no further than SEO Gazelle! Creative, innovative service offerings and marketing strategies; excellent customer service; strong social media presence; strategic leadership, management, and corporate growth strategy; results-oriented focus; streamlined, highly optimized processes. It has been a pleasure to work with the SEO Gazelle team, and I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Mark Liscio

Fast ,efficient ,professional …. Everything we where looking for ! THANK YOU team SEO Gazelle!

Joanna - Franks Grill

Hands down SEO Gazelle knows how to optimize. Not only are they the best in customer service, they honor everything they promise. We are in a very competitive market and they have somehow gotten more organic traffic to our site. We have only been with them for 6 months and are excited to grow with SEO Gazelle. Thanks for everything!!

Brandon - Jacks High

I only have good things to say about this company…I am in a very competitive industry. I was using pay per click to create my leads. I decided to Google SEO Company to find someone to maximize our exposure. I picked the company that was number 1 in my search. I just made sense. After meeting Nick, I searched no further. SEO Gazelle was defiantly my choice. Fast forward 2 years and we are still going strong. We own the internet in most search terms that people would use for our business and are expanding our relationship with Gazelle to other key words and phrases. Nick is the real deal and definitely delivers the goods! He has my full permission to provide any prospective client with my name and number. I would be happy to answer any and all questions.

SM, Coconut Creek, Florida

The biggest difference between SEO Gazelle and other firms, was they were there when we called and most importantly delivered on the results! We have expanded our store front based on the increase in sales within the first year, and look forward to the years to come! I am thrilled to of met Nick and his team at SEO Gazelle and look forward to dominating the rankings for our industry!!!

Phillip Giles - South East Spas

DIFFERENCE MAKERS! I have witnessed SEO Gazelle turn around businesses. There are two reasons to recommend this group; they give you the results you need (search Affordable SEO Company) and they are genuinely interested in helping companies win. I came across SEO Gazelle when my friend’s business took off with new sales activity. It started off slow and grew steadily. I had to see it to believe it, it was quite impressive. I have met some of their team and they’re great business partners. I am telling everybody I know that these are the people you want for your SEO and related website services.

Matt Humiston

The people from SEO Gazelle are fantastic.. In less than 2 month I was in the second page of google and now on the top first page on the list.. They are very reliable and easy to work with.. I been with them since September and all I can say are positive things, Try them you won’t regret it.

I’m very happy with what they have accomplished.

Juliana, Savvy Event Studios

We are so proud of our progress as a family owned business and have seen profits increase each year due to the SEO marketing, the dynamic web design and professional logo design. We truly want to give special thanks to Nick, who helped us not only with our business image, but, also, many other needs we had and continue to have. There have been times when Nick worked well into the night working on something for us, as I am sure he has done for others.

Joseph, Empire Services Group of South Florida

They really do take their time to answer any and all questions so with this they rank an A in my book.  They also generate for me to see at any time a report on how my active keywords are being tracked which is also very helpful.  I have no understanding of SEO so for them to take the time out to make sure I do have a clear understanding at any particular moment is key to me.  As we all know SEO takes some time and from day one they assured me that they will take my business to a point where it will continue to grow and grow.  So honestly, I think you will see that your money will be spent wisely using SEO Gazelle and you will get the attention deserved.  Yes they may have several clients but their attention to detail makes you feel like you’re the only one AND can spoil you.  Their responsiveness is what I appreciate most.

Loraine, Coloured Raine

I can’t say enough about the quality and efficiency SEO Gazelle showed when branding my construction company! Their attention to detail from the logo design, to my business card, to my website was exactly what I was looking for! I would highly recommend Nick his team at SEO Gazelle to anyone I know!

Joe, Clover Construction

One of the reasons I decided to hire Nick and his team at SEO Gazelle was the amount of time he sat with me to make sure he understood the in’s and out’s of my business. I had a new company, Mike’s Multimedia Solutions, and was unsure how to brand or market it… Nick presented me with various “comps” one of which was the one I fell in love with. It was clean, professional, and instantly told my clients who I was, and what I do. Then increased the organic positions in the search engine for terms that increased sales for my company. I would highly recommend Nick Stephan, The quality and customer service he provides is hard to beat in South Florida!

Mike Conforti, Mike's Multimedia Solutions

It has been a pleasure working with you over these past few months and the finished product is deserving of our testimonial. We are pleased with the result of SEO Gazelle’s effort in redesigning and relaunching of the Florida Surgical Specialties website. It has been a wonderful experience throughout the process and your ability to see our needs, through our eyes, is what is most extraordinary and significant from our perspective. Everything is so responsive, quickly loads and is so easy and straight forward for our customer and prospective clients – one never feels lost as they navigate our site. The manufacturer’s main page concisely addresses the product along with its salient features and benefits and immediately to the right of the page is everything to support the product whether it be videos, brochures, catalogs, reference materials, et cetera. At the bottom of each and every page is a means of connecting directly to the manufacturer’s website which, opens in a new window while allowing us to remain open and nearby further promoting the synergy. Thank you Nick, I look forward to our continuing working together to further improve, refine and evolve as the market continues transforming.

Nic Talantis, Florida Surgical Specialties

Prior to launching our academy, our rather amateurish website was no more than an electronic brochure needing a serious professional upgrade. Our website was redesigned and developed by SEO Gazelle. Today, we are extremely pleased with our website and continue to receive compliments on the new look. The SEO Services they provide incorporated with the built-in website functionality are exactly what we needed in order for our prospective students throughout the country to learn about our academy and seamlessly submit applications.

Jaime Rivera, YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy

Over the past 6 years I have used a number of internet website services for SEO and web design that I was not completely satisfied with for various reasons. Then I was referred by a friend and business entrepreneur to Nick Stephan from SEO Gazelle. I have utilized Nick and his associates expertise for the past 18 months for SEO, Marketing, Design and Media integration for my health care practice. I have been very happy with the professional and prompt service that SEO Gazelle provides. I sincerely encourage anyone who is looking to improve their web activity to confide in Nick Stephan at SEO Gazelle.

Dr. Tony Willcox, Acupuncture Zen

I was referred to Nick Stephan from SEO Gazelle this past October from a friend who was very satisfied with the excellent service that Nick was able to provide. As a young entrepreneur I had lots of questions and a lack of experience with internet marketing. Nick was very professional and very well informed. He answered all of my questions and requests very promptly and was a pleasure to work with.

Sands Dyer, GoPaddle

I decided to use SEO Gazelle for my starter business because I wanted to find someone that was as passionate about my mission as I was. His excitement to make my business a success exceeded my expectations and made me feel comfortable about my new endeavor. His knowledge of Internet marketing and website development was impressive. He clearly saw my vision – and for that I will be able to attribute much of my success.

Erica, Little Chicken Races

Nick has the drive, dedication, and determination of a winner. A team player, Nick always has input to take each project to the next level. I was always greeted with a smile and our meetings were always very productive. Working with Nick was very enjoyable, and I look forward to working with him again.

Chris Penny, Reelfx

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