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Success in a Niche Market

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A variety companies pop up in the world every min of every day. Some large, some small, some international, some a one-man show but all of them should have the goal of being successful.  What do successful companies, groups, corporations, utilize to stay relevant in the world today? How are they achieving leads, profits, returns in an ever slowing economy?

This video below sparked the foundation for this post.

Two musicians (Luka Sulic & Stjepan Hauser) in the vast ocean of musical talent have found a way to offer a new perspective on some of the largest hits ever recorded. Then decided to post videos of their music on youtube and established a viral campaign increasing their new release viewership to over 4 million in less then two days. Each video has improved over time, and is solid evidence, that you don’t need production quality equipment to be successful online. You need a Niche, and a passion for what your investing your time into. When they started playing together over 6 years ago, I can’t believe they were thinking about marketing or branding, but more about how they could take the worlds largest records, and make them their own. 2Cellos found a niche market that had not been tapped, and explored where they could take it! Now Luka & Stjepan are playing sold out shows around the world. If you are interested in finding out more about them, check out there site here.

When you are looking to capitalize in a niche market, looking for new ways to be seen, or wondering if its been done? Do your homework, find out who is doing it, how its done, google various terms on the market, purchase competitors products! Once you understand the points they are lacking on or the gaps in the marketing in print or online. You will be able to create a starting point and have a firm foundation for your company to take off!

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