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South Florida Clothiers – Development Case Study

SEO GazelleGazelle Case StudiesSouth Florida Clothiers – Development Case Study
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Client: South Florida Clothiers
About South Florida Clothiers: South Florida Clothier’s polo shirts are made with TropicFiber, a proprietary blend material of 98% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 2% Lycra, specifically engineered for a warm, tropical climate and an active lifestyle. They have engineered the perfect polo shirt for those who appreciate our year-round sun-drenched days and stylish nights.

Our Goal:
They wanted to enhance their website UI ( User Interface ). SEO Gazelle recoded their homepage slider, product selection options, interior links which removed 3+ clicks for the user to purchase the product. The following objectives were established:

  •  – Decrease the amount of clicks to purchase the product
  •  – Have direct links from slider shirt color to the exact product on the product page
  •  – Benchmarking the start and outcome of the site’s performance
  •  – Migrate from previous companies hosting server to their own server

What Our Team Did:
In order to preserve and enhance the site’s performance, we did the following before launching the new site:

Secured Migration – The migration portion of the strategy included completely backing up current website local files & complete database.

  •  – Backup of WordPress CMS
  •  – Backup of Website DB (database) files
  •  – Move to Development Server until modifications were completed

On-site Development  – We examined visitor-facing items (things users can see on a website) that help search engines understand the topic of a site and its pages. These on-site optimization items included:

  •  – Code new slider with direct linking to product variables.
  •  – Identifying and implementing UI Changes that would not compromise the current site design.
  •  – Applied coding/technology changes strategically throughout the site to improve the UI Experience.

Together these factors help lower the amount of clicks the user needed to complete before purchasing the product.

Why We Did What We Did:
Client requested an easier purchasing process for its perspective online customers, before moving forward with an SEO Campaign. Modifying the UI functions fall inline with much needed changes for current search standards which are set by search engines and help websites perform better in the search results. When one of the online marketing goals is to drive traffic from search engines, you also need to make sure that the user is able to quickly reach the designated product or service contact form.

South Florida Clothiers UI Changes

South Florida Clothiers UI Changes

The Results:
SEO Gazelle completed the following which removed 3+ clicks for the user to purchase the product. Notable results include:

  •  – Added new homepage slider functions
  •  – Modify product selection options to easily understood color images, vs drop down named list
  •  – Added Variable Product Linking for certain product colors
  •  – Optimized file sizes for faster load times
  •  – Updated Interior linking structure for cross browser compatibility

What We Learned:
A site overhaul was not needed to render the needs for this client, when done correctly minor website coding can show a significant improvement in a website’s overall performance. In this case South Florida Clothier’s improved UI solved the drop off rates of the website. We found that updates designed to improve the user experience must be considered in order to both engage the visitor once they click through from the SERPs (Search Engine Rank Position). South Florida Clothier’s will continue to reap the benefits of the positive changes to their website and UI Experience.

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