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Social Media for Small Businesses

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Social Media has gained importance over the past decade. It is no longer used to keep in touch with friends; it is an important tool in promoting your business. With over 1 billion people on social media sites, many people use this website to read reviews, find information, and locate popular businesses. According to comScore,74% of consumers are influenced to buy a product after researching the company on social media. You can gain website traffic and increase your potential client base through social media sites. The two main social networking website are: Facebook and Twitter.


Facebook has the option to create a page for your business. This page contains all the possible information your clients would need, such as location, reviews, and communication with your clients. With Facebook, you can reply to comments or post from your clients, post images of new products, or conduct polls. When using this site remember to post several times a day, entertain your clients first and lastly do not post on other pages about your business. This is a great website to utilize you want to interact with your clients regularly, as 60% of Facebook users who become fans of a brand will recommend that page brand to a friend. Facebook also allows you to have ads circulating to a certain target demographic. You can also target people who belong to certain groups. Ultimately, with over 750 million daily users, you can interact with them on a daily basis growing awareness of your business.

Twitter is a high volume and low value network. It is a fast paced social media website that advocates quantity over quality. The more you post, the more people your business will reach. This is the best location to share content that you have created as long it is relevant to your followers. Moreover this is a strong customer service tool with strong analytics. The main demographic on here is 18 – 20 year olds. There are 271 active users and the challenge to this website is fitting your information in a text post that’s 140 characters or less. Along with text post, you can also post pictures, 6 second videos, and links. The main disadvantage, however, is the text has a short lifespan.

Ultimately, social media has proven to be a useful tool. However, it is up to the business to determine which site would be most beneficial in promoting their product.

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