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Small Fixes for Your Small Business Website

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Owning a small business in this economy is a challenge. However, there are many tactics in place to help these businesses prosper. Utilizing SEO, search engine optimization, services can impact your organization and lead to an increase in customers. The aim of SEO is to promote your business and lead it to the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Ultimately, you want to make sure your possible customers or clients can easily find your website when searching for it.

One of the main steps in SEO is having an informative meta description. Meta description are the description that is shown on a search engine page. With 85% of websites discovered through a search engine, having a valuable meta is what will lead potential clients to your website. There are five main guidelines to remember when writing a meta description: be descriptive, persuasive, length, curiosity, and wording.

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When writing a meta description being descriptive key. You want the client to know what your website is about. When an individual is looking for a website to visit, they look at thereat description to understand what the website can offer them and if it is related to what they are looking for. Being descriptive is just as useful as the summary on the back of a book. It lets you know what you are getting into. Having a persuasive meta description is imperative. This allows you to persuade people that your website is worthwhile, credible, and what they are looking for. A call to action is often successful in leading people to a website. When writing a detailed description, it is important to remember that you want the information to create curiosity. This is most important for pages where you provide clients with potential information. Lastly, a lengthy meta description will be cut off at 150 – 160 characters. The ideal length is approximately 156 characters.

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In addition to meta descriptions, in recent studies it has been shown that videos are an instrumental method of reaching new consumers. YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18 – 34 than any cable network. Youtube videos can be embedded on your business website, your business’s social media website, and also viewed on Before you create a video, you need to determine what your goal is. There are four types of videos that can be used to promote your company, brand, product, instructional, and advertising. Primarily, brand videos are used to inform the public of your company. This tell the viewer what makes your company different and worthwhile. There videos are mainly placed on the website and social media websites. Subsequently, product videos highlight an important product you are attempting to sell or promote. If you are selling a service, these videos can help promote your ability to provide.

Lastly, making the website easier to view will significantly lower the bounce rate. Simple things, such as easy to view fonts, photographs, a color scheme, and a clutter free page are important aspects that altogether can improve a website. When selecting fonts remember, while some fonts may be appealing on a laptop, they may be hard to read on mobile or tablet. In this case using a universal font would be ideal. For example, the font size should be no less than 11pt and you should use no more than two font families to minimize loading time. Furthermore, good photographs draw the attention, providing a connection to the written content. Poor quality photos or photos that have nothing to do with your message are worse than having no photographs. Color can be an effective driving tool. A mostly neutral color scheme can help your website appear simple and professional. Additionally, utilizing certain colors for titles and headlines can help direct the viewer attention. Ultimately, the colors should reflect your logo. Lastly, limit the amount of wording and graphics used. You do not want to overload your visitor with so much information. The most important information should be shown and the copy should be no more than five or six lines.

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