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Link Building

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Link building is not an easy task, but it is a task made a little easier if you know how to manage your links more efficiently. Managing your links can be both tricky and time consuming, especially if your links number in the thousands. Realistically, there’s just no way of manually finding out just how

Are you Tablet Friendly?

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The tablet craze is upon us in full force. There is no doubt about that. There have been over 69 million tablets sold this year. In coming years, far more tablets will be sold than PC’s and laptops. If you haven’t been already, it is probably time to start creating your websites with this in


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You must have already heard these two acronyms and you probably know that they have something to do with the Internet, marketing or both. While similar in some aspects, these two terms are actually quite different, but yet, both very important when it comes to the online promotion and web positioning. Search Engine Optimization and

Improving your Organic Traffic

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Are you finding it difficult to bring more visitors to your website? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, it seems everyone is trying to find the magic trick to increase their organic traffic and make their site appear on the first page of Google’s search results. SEO is no longer a basic set of rules,

Launching your E-commerce Site

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E-commerce websites are increasing in order to accommodate the needs of a growing e-clientele. More and more people are noticing that purchasing from the web saves both time and money and as a result the e-commerce community is becoming more competitive. While the ecommerce economy is poised for significant growth in the coming months and

Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Inbound marketing is a strategy that has many forms of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more – to help create brand awareness and attract new business. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers and makes the company easy to be found. In our fast-paced society where the Internet and

Types of SEO Website Audits

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As Google gets more stringent with its penalties for everything from obvious link spam to having too high of a ratio of ads to content, getting a semi-annual or yearly site audit has become a business necessity. If you aren’t, you should be lest you get a surprise message from Google letting you know why

Attracting More Visitors To Your Website

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“How can I attract more visitors to my business website?” This is a very common question among small business owners. Luckily, there are a wide variety of  steps you can take to help boost website traffic without breaking the bank. Below you will find a list of ways that can help your business get started.

#Hashtag Marketing Strategy

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Ever since Twitter came out hashtags have been a big part of every social media post. Hashtags are a great social medial marketing tool. They can showcase trend, tie campaigns to chosen keywords, and isolate conversations. The excitement of the hashtag is strong, especially for brands that have a customized platform for their content. Twitter

Increasing Conversions

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Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but getting your potential customers to do what you want them to do once they get to your site is a whole other task in itself. There are four conversion tools that can offer insight into how people are using your website and how you can use

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