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SEO vs Social Media

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There was a time when Internet marketers would argue over SEO and social media and debate over which is more important. They still debate the question, but most Internet marketers today see benefit in both. Gone are the days when a respectable marketer would shout SEO and dismiss social media marketing altogether. You are just as likely today to meet online marketers who swear by social media and dismiss SEO.

But that isn’t smart either. The fact is, to succeed in today’s online world, you need both. You are competing against companies that have a sound social media marketing strategy and a good SEO team. Some of those companies have deep pockets. You need to be a bit more stealthy.

SEO is more or less


SEO actually optimizes the search query in Google, and maintains the relevancy of the website by featuring it amongst the top search listings. Through SEO, you can be sure of gaining maximum hits, however, you cannot protect your website from negative reviews, which unfortunately pops up in search engines along with your name. It is therefore impossible to counteract negative feedback and prevent them from featuring in search listings. However, that is not the case with Social Media, as you are more in control of the content you want featured on your page.

Social Media is more meaningful 

Social media is about creating meaningful textual material according to the demand of the market and the prevailing situation. This text is then spread over larger audiences through ‘sharing’ and the numerous ‘likes’ unlike the mechanical functioning of the search engines. ‘Likes’ determine popularity and even if a certain brand or issue receives a negative review, it can still be tackled on the social media platform by communicating with the person.

Social Media more for youth 

It would not be exaggerating to say that the youth of today is connected through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The pulse of a nation and the mood of the general public can be read through the various issues raised, ‘liked’, ‘shared’ and commented. Hence, the recourse to taking the longer path of SEOs has considerably gone down with the youth, who are on the go and make the most of Social Media platforms.

Small businesses can employ success SEO techniques in conjunction with strong social media presences and build good solid businesses. It helps to be patient, study the field, and don’t just jump in where you aren’t sure about. Just a few minutes a day and you can build a good business with both social media and SEO

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