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SEO Tools and Strategies

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Many seo companies hide their seo tools, strategies, and knowledge for there clients, in order to “stay ahead of the curve”. We at SEO Gazelle feel that even if we post our current strategies, tools, or knowledge we are still ahead and will be due to our none stop research. When you are running a successful company you can’t worry about what your competition knows you needs to worry about what you know, and if its the most efficient and correct way of accomplishing your task. Once something gets printed, shared, or written down, it is now out of date. One of the strengths of the Internet is we can stay ahead of most things, but what many people don’t realize is that its still out of date.

When your looking for an seo company to take your company to the next level, here are somethings you should look at.

– Are they ranking in your local area?
– Does their website need an update?
– Do you question the quality of their presence?
– When you call do they answer?
– If you ask the hard questions are they willing to answer?

Here are some tools we would suggest you look into if your starting out:

– – Search beyond words. NerdyData is a new type of search engine that lets you do complex research on the web.

– – Welcome to Moz. We create SEO software, marketing analytics tools, and all kinds of content to help you learn inbound marketing. We’re also home to the web’s most vibrant community of online marketers.

– – Majestic SEO – Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound link and site summary data.

– Google Knowledge Base – Google’s Knowledge Base includes everything and anything to do with guidelines, support, tasks, and suggestions for keeping within the standards of google.

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