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SEO Onsite/Offsite Basics

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With a good company, SEO is a long term investment and typically cost a great deal of money. Before you pour your money into a SEO campaign, be sure to do your research on different companies. Companies should tell you the different techniques they use, they should provide you with a realistic timeframe, and they should give you a realistic quote. When deciding to begin an SEO campaign, do not expect goals right away.  When preformed correctly, SEO will deliver an impressive return on investment as the profit from the number one position on Google is unparalleled. However, if done incorrectly, you may be removed from the search engines and financially in the hole.

Most SEO companies will not specify the techniques they use during your campaign. However, this is common among many SEO Companies.  They do provide generalization when informing you what changes they will make. For example, on the SEO Gazelle website, we state that we perform “Keyword Research”, “Onsite Optimization”, and “Link Building”. Furthermore, we will explain thoroughly so you understand what they mean. Untrustworthy SEO companies will keep this information hidden from you. They also should explain technical jargon to ensure there is not any urlmiscommunication. If these companies are being vague or refusing to help you understand, it is to your benefit to find a more transparent company. Ensure that your current SEO Company is able to explain changes to your website and why they are making changes. If they can explain their methods to you then they clearly understand what they are doing.

Furthermore, certain guarantees that sound too good to be true typically are. An SEO campaign is a long term investment and commitment. It is advantageous to you to begin a campaign when your company is doing well.   Those who promise quick results may be deceitful. Depending on you campaign, SEO takes between approximately 180 days. Prior to beginning a campaign, you must establish your realistic goals with a reasonable budget. For SEO, an immediate return on your investment is not likely. It takes several months to get to page one. Overnight results are not to be expected. SEO firms that understands this is beneficial to you. Those who promise quicker results may take part in black hat tactics. Black hat tactics are SEO methods that are banned from Google. If Google catches a website using black hat tactics, they are typically banned form google and will be unsearchable. Prior to hiring a company, make certain you have researched each company.

The key to resourceful research is establishing a plan prior to contacting a SEO company. To have an effective marketing campaign there are many aspects of your business that should be documented. You must have a total understanding about your store and brand. You must research your competition, geographic demographic, customer demographic, information that is trending in your industry and your marketing objective. These will help you develop keywords phrases, which is the words your campaign will be targeting. Ultimately, you must have realistic expectations about your SEO Company. SEO campaigns typically do not have an end date. The longer you have a SEO campaign the more your business is benefiting.



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