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SEO improves organic rankings

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Organic Rankings

No matter what kind of business your run, SEO can be very helpful. It allows you to get more high quality visitors to your website, which can result in increased sales and more visibility for your business. Recently, a local pool cleaning company has used SEO to increase their organic search rankings. This allowed their website to appear more prominently whenever someone interested in having their pool cleaned made a search for a business that provides such a service. Would you like to know how the pool cleaning company managed to improve their organic search rankings? Here are some steps that were taken:

Improving Website Content

One of the main factors that affect how a website ranks in search results is the quality of the content presented on it. With the recent Google algorithm updates, websites that had content that was duplicated from other places online, or that was of very poor quality, saw their rankings drop.

What the pool company did is simply redesign many of their pages, providing useful information on the services they offer. They also added some unique and informational articles that describe the pool cleaning process, plus give details on how the customer can better take care of their pool to avoid common problems.

Focusing on Local SEO

If you run a local business, there are some additional SEO considerations to keep in mind. Google handles local search results differently from general search queries. Knowing this, the pool cleaning company has ensured that their business contact information (name, address and phone number) were featured on every page of their website. They also created a Google + profile for their business, in addition to adding their company to local business directories and business review sites.

Using Social Media

Social media is a marketing channel of its own, however it can also be used together with SEO to provide even better results for small businesses. The pool cleaning has created a Facebook page for their company, which includes a link to their website, as well as posts related to their current offers and promotions.

They also created a YouTube channel, in which they uploaded short commercials promoting their business, plus some quick tips on pool maintenance. Search engines like Google will often give a higher ranking to websites that are featured prominently on social media. This is why you should ensure that your business has a presence on the most popular social networking sites.

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