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SEO for Law Offices yields massive ROI

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsSEO for Law Offices yields massive ROI

Paying close attention to search engine optimization (SEO) when planning your firm’s website brings more targeted attention to what you have to offer. Think of SEO as a way to provide proof that you specialize in what a potential client wants.

When most people are in need of legal advice, they are searching for help in a specific area. A person going through divorce would specifically search for “Atlanta divorce attorney” as apposed to a more generic “lawyer.” When the searcher puts in more specific search terms to narrow down her results and your firm provides enough evidence to Google and Bing’s search algorithms that your site features professionals who provide an answer to the client’s specific legal needs, you have an effective match between the two parties.

SEO for Law Offices Yields Massive ROI

Many states doe not certify specialists in the law, but in the course of doing business, a firm will naturally pick up expertise in certain areas. Structuring your site in a way that demonstrates to a potential client that your firm has experience in bankruptcy, family law, criminal law or patent law is an effective way to do this while still operating within state requirements regarding specialization.

Many firms that rank highest in searches are those that feature up to date blog posts. Both Google and Bing love fresh, updated content and blog posts are one of the most cost effective ways to utilize new content to bring in clients. If a celebrity couple’s divorce is the front pages of the news, your firm can take advantage of a popularly searched news item to appear in search results. For the cost of hiring a writer, you can afford to keep your firm constantly in the public eye and on the front pages of Google and Bing.

If your website contains vague keywords and tries to reach the most general audience possible, you will have clients walking in your door whose legal situations do not match your firm’s. This lead to an enormous waste of time for attorneys and paralegals during the initial interview process. SEO provides a 24-hour tool to pre-screen your firm for clients who are looking for a firm to represent them.

Smaller firms and those that are working to become established can even the playing field by competing with firms with large marketing budgets. A few well-placed keywords spread across your blog posts and static pages can bring clients to you. Unlike television and radio advertising, the cost of running a website can be minimal as you only need to pay for web hosting, web designers and blog post writers. No matter what your firm’s current budget, a relevant and authoritative website can quickly become your most cost effective advertising tool.

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