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How does SEO affect your Law Firm?

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsHow does SEO affect your Law Firm?
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95% of law firms have a website. These websites are typically found through google, bing and yahoo, but how easy is it to find your website? When googling your site, are you on the first page? Second? Third? Studies have shown that 90% of users do not look past the first page of a Google search. Of these individuals, 60% will click on one of the top three search results and 40% will choose the first result. If your website isn’t on the first page, then it may not reach as many possible clients.

timthumbIt is important to utilize SEO, search engine optimization services, to improve your online presence and boost your firm to the top position. This will increase traffic immensely. SEO companies will find the best keywords, or phrases, that are associated with your firm to enhance your online presence and uplift you to the first pages. These keywords can range from “lawyer to sue doctor” to divorce attorney”, whichever is more suitable for your firm.

Ultimately, this can help you regardless of the size of the firm. SEO companies can localize a campaign so only people searching for those services in your area can find you. The keywords can be geographically manipulated to increase traffic to your site. In these cases, you aren’t competing with all lawyers, just the few in your community. This increases the likelihood of reaching that first page. Furthermore, many larger firms do not utilize SEO services; they rely on  referrals. This means that it is much easier to compete on the internet for that top position.


While relying on referrals is a great method to gain new clients, this can only get you so far. After being referred to a company, over half of potential clients went to the website to find more information. If the have problems finding your company due to low rankings or the website is not up to par, this may result in the loss of a potential client. Having a easily accessible website is imperative to retaining clients and  obtaining new ones. 

  All in all, SEO is highly important for lawyers and law firms to take advantage of. There is a great deal of competition among lawyers especially those with a high online presence. SEO can increase your website’s traffic and to attract possible clients as is highly beneficial to the prosperity of your company. These SEO tactics specialize in providing you with clients and improving your  online integrity and can absolutely enhance your  company. Through personalizing your SEO experiences, it is a great investment to ensure your company succeeds. 

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