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Real Estate SEO Benefits

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When you run a real estate company and want to draw in visitors, it’s not enough to host a website and throw up a few advertisements. No, competition is tough and if you try old methods, you will watch as other Realtors mop up the floor when they run a strong SEO campaign. To compete, you need to run an SEO campaign and here are four reasons why this is true.

Google search: Plenty of consumers, before doing anything else, will head to Google and search for a local real estate agent. Gone are the days of opening the Yellow Pages or asking for a referral from a friend or relative. If you appear on the first page, you will watch as plenty of excited visitors come to your site and inquire your services.

Conversion rates: Speaking of excited visitors, when you want to enjoy a high conversion rate, you will want to bring in visitors from SEO. When compared with conversion rates from social media or Google AdWords, SEO is king. This is especially true if you are in the top five results as people trust a Realtor who lands on the first few spots.

Cheaper: When you run an offline advertising campaign, you will spend thousands of dollars and won’t entice people to visit your site. Instead, you will waste money and see but a trickle of visitors. On the other hand, since SEO methods are free or inexpensive, you won’t waste thousands of dollars hoping to attract visitors to your site.

Effective in the long run: When you run an AdWords campaign or hand out flyers, you can enjoy a sudden burst of website traffic. In the long run, you won’t experience a heavy dose of traffic as these short-term solutions require you to throw money at the campaigns consistently. However, if you run a formidable and well-thought-out SEO strategy, you will enjoy a burst of traffic in the short-term and plenty of visitors in the future. If you want to watch your real estate practice grow, this is an excellent way to improve your situation as you can land on the top page and stay there a long time if you continue with your plan.

If you want long-term results with a minimal investment, you need to consider SEO. Since real estate agents are often busy and working all the time, it’s wise to use this approach as you won’t need to monitor your campaign all the time.

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