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Proper Home Pages For SEO Results

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Evaluate the Visible Text On Your Home Page:

Web pages can be a bit deceptive, and lacking, when text content is concerned. Animations and image graphics can contain ample amounts of text and information that people can see, but search engines can have trouble seeing and accessing that text. When viewing your home page it is extremely important that there is enough text on the page. At the bare minimum your homepage needs to have the following in text on the page:

  • Business Name
  • Type of Business (that would be searched for)
  • Name of the City to Cities the Business Operates
  • The Street Address
  • The Phone Number

This small list needs to be on you homepage at a minimum. It’s important to remember that you want relative text to each image or media link you put on a page. Don’t make your homepage a bunch of photos and links with no real text. Fill pages with text and content. Make is juicy for the user and it will be juicy for the search engine.

Evaluate your Homepage Title Tag:

Does the <TITLE> contain the business name, type, and city you serve? The Title is one of the most powerful SEO elements on the page, so you want it to match what consumers are going to search for. Remember that consumers will search for business names, and business categories and then add location in to narrow results. So these variables need to be in your Title Text to attract user attention and search engine attention. Don’t pack your Titles with Keywords, you want to stick to what is relevant and to what is on the page. If you need to check your title you can look at the source code and look under Title.

Has Your Logo/Images Been Optimized?

When it comes to your Logo and the images found on your homepage, are they properly optimized? Always make sure you add proper Titles and AlT Text to your images. This allows the search engine to pull more information from a media link and give you credit towards your pages rank. If you are linking pages from your images, make sure the links themselves have proper URLs and relevant words in the URLs. With everything else on the page, images and media should be properly optimized for the best user experience and to help the search engine rank your website.
View Your Site On a Mobile Device:
Is your website responsive? So many people use smartphones and tablets when browsing the web or shopping online. Make sure your website and your pages are responsive and mobile friendly. Google has confirmed that having a badly configured mobile site can negatively affect your rankings.

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