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PPC to Market your Business

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PPC advertisements on Google help your business get found quickly. When an individuals searches for a product or service, typically the first three search results shown are PPC advertisements. Using this method you can target a certain audience in regard to the website type, audience type, and you have the option to place your ad only during a certain timeframe or day. You only pay for those who click on the links, hence the name PPC, pay per click. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor how many people notice your ads, click on your ads, and which click lead to a purchase from your website. You can also set a location for the advertisements. For example, in your settings you can have your advertisement show on computers, mobile phone, or tablets in a 30 mile radius surrounding your store. This allows you to get local businesses instead of those too far from your company. With this method of advertising, you only pay for the amount of click your link receives. Each month you are provided with a summary that informs you of the activity from these advertisements. PPC can be beneficial when used to promote not only your business, but also business events, new products, a new website, or a store opening. Additionally, the ideal way to get the most bang for your buck, is to have a high quality score, where you pay less for an ad, but it is viewed by more people.

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Secondly, being specific and having keywords with 3 to 5 words will help people see your link. Individuals usually are extremely specific when searching for a product or service. Studies have shown the average length of a search is 3 to 5 words. Subsequently, set negative keywords you do not want to show up for. This will prevent your business from receiving unwanted clicks from individuals looking for something you do not offer. Setting negative keywords, will also save you money. Keywords should be clear, concise, and  relevant to your company. That way people are not misguided to your website creating unwanted clicks. You want to ensure those who visit your site are individuals who need your business.

Lastly, when starting with a PPC campaign do your research. This will save you time and money in the long run. You do not want to spend money on search results that do not yield enough traffic. Do your research to find results that You want to be found for frequently search for keyword phrases. Try different keywords to find the right fit for your business. Through both research and trial and error, you will find the best keywords that will help your company prosper. You can also view the progress and success of your PPC campaign by linking it to Google Analytics. Using Analytics you can view in-depth information on your PPC campaign. This can help you with your SEO services and can allow you to reach the desired audience very quickly. Pairing this with SEO services can allow you to reach the amount of customers needed.

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