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PPC and Content Marketing Strategies

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Sometimes when a client comes to us for advice on their online marketing, they ask whether it’s better to invest marketing on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements, or in content marketing strategies.

The truth is this: There really shouldn’t be an OR there. Good PPC strategies can enhance the effectiveness of your content marketing. However, without good website content in the first place, PPC has very limited value on its own. So, if your budget is truly limited, you should start with content marketing since that forms the heart of your website. However, as PPC campaigns can be conducted quite inexpensively, there’s little reason not to combine the strategies for better effect!

PPC and Content Marketing: Getting The Best Of Both Worlds


The first thing to remember about pay-per-click is what you’re buying for your money. You get very precisely targeted advertisements which can be dropped in front of virtually any user you want, based on pre-defined search keywords and demographics.

If you want nothing but males in Florida searching for pet care advice, PPC can send them to you.

Focus on keyword strategies for PPC.

As most of us know by now, Google has made keywords far less relevant when it comes to searches and search page results rankings. However, keywords are still a major element of PPC. In fact, now you have to be using Google AdWords just to get access to Google’s keyword database. However, once you are in the AdWords system, it’s a great resource for finding out what customers are searching for when they find you. PPCs targeting these keywords will show superior results.

Target more than demographics

When you’re developing your content strategies, you probably have buyer personas to give you insights into the minds of your customers. Good content marketing looks to appeal to interests your customers have beyond your products.

PPC ads that target ideas or interests that are shared by your preferred clients will help encourage visitation from the leads you want, while discouraging people you aren’t interested in marketing towards. This can then be reinforced with content strategies that deliver what the PPC ads promise.

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