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Online Marketing Strategy

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Each year at least 100 million Americans purchase good from an online retailers. The online retail market is one of the fastest growing online industries and also one of the most competitive. Getting your website noticed among the multiple various online market website is optimal for their success. One of the key methods in marketing your website is preforming SEO, or search engine marketing. Regardless of the product your website is selling, the key is to market your website to gain more traffic to your website. Essentially, SEO raises your position in Google’s search engine driving in more organic traffic. Organic traffic is measured by those who visit your sites without using advertisements. There are many benefits to SEO other than improving your rankings.


In the long term, utilizing SEO will increase your website traffic. If SEO methods land you on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you will receive an unprecedented amount of traffic. The majority of internet users do not click the past three links on the first page. A sites position on Google delegates the amount the traffic to the website. The goal of SEO is to maximize your profit. Their tactics drive traffic to your website, which can lead to an immense increase in sales.

The higher your company is in the rankings, the more customer awareness it will achieve. Most SEO methods involve altering the website to make it more user friendly. This includes improving its website value, making it easier to navigate through the webpages, and ensuring that it is overall very user friendly. Websites with these qualities are more likely to retain customers and visitors. Difficult to use websites are more likely to drive away customers.

Customers believe and trust search engines to provide them with the best results. They assume the highest ranking websites provide the best goods and/or services. Having a high-ranking website not only brings you traffic, but it also develops credibility. This is because the majority of population does not understand what goes into the a top ranking website. They assume the website is ranked high due to its successfulness and trustworthiness.

Essentially, SEO improves your Google ranking, which in turn increases visitors and sales. SEO is along term investment that can benefit your online retail websites. It makes the website more likely to be found and visited. The changes made to your website increase its overall value, usability, your companies credibility and brand awareness. During its initial stages, SEO should be paired with another form of advertisement. When the SEO becomes more successful and your websites begins to ranking higher, it is time to ween off the other advertising factors. At this time, SEO should eventually become your main advertising campaign.

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