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New Update to the Pirate Filter?

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Piracy has been a problem within the internet since its creation. With Google being the top search engine, Piracy is prevalent. After continually getting grief about not doing enough to combat piracy, Google is finally releasing their new version of the “Pirate Update.” This will help update Google’s neglected filtering system.

In August 2012, the Pirate Update was initially released due to allegations that Google was not doing anything to combat Piracy. This update created a new system that would penalize any sets that were found to be violating copyright laws. In the next few days, Google is going to touch up on the Pirate Update to help catch new offenders, and release those who have cleaned up their website. Google’s newly announced Pirate Update 2 will come out in the next couple days, bringing with it new ad and editorial formats that will also help fight piracy.

What is this Pirate Update?

Think of it on the same level of Penguin, Hummingbird, or Panda – it is going to help filter the search engine. Google is going to send every site through this Pirate filter, anything it catches or deems to be violating copyright laws, will receive a downgrade.
If you are caught by this filter and downgraded, you will be stuck with this downgrade until Google decides to run the Pirate filter again. If piracy problems tend to go away, you could be stuck with that downgrade for a while. No one, except Google, is really sure how this new filter is going to work – but we all will find out soon enough. So, if you got lucky the first time, watch out – if you steal content – watch out. Otherwise, this filter isn’t aimed towards you.


Google has been asked about Piracy time and time again. In their latest bout, Google said it does a lot to fight Piracy and made references to the Pirate filter. Since august when it rolled out in 2012, we haven’t heard much about it. Let alone, an update. Google has never talked about a new fresh run of its Pirate filter. So with thinking, we’d assume that Google didn’t feel the need to rerun the filter and catch anyone else. But with PR breathing down Google’s neck, it seems like the filter will be getting that overdue update and a rerun.

New Ad Formats

Google has also introduced us to a new ad display when someone tries to query towards a pirate site. This will place a new box in between the search box and the first non-paid listing on the search engine. It will be interesting to see what happens – how people react to getting original content and not the pirate site they were looking for.

Lastly, Google has updated their Autocomplete feature. This is where Google suggests terms as you type in the search box. Google will now show fewer terms in the Autocomplete when the results start including websites that have DMCA, Pirate, requests filed against them.

In summary, this update most likely doesn’t pertain to your website. If you are stealing content, then you may be in for some trouble.

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