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How The New Hummingbird Algorithm Affects Your SEO

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsHow The New Hummingbird Algorithm Affects Your SEO
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Thanks to constant updates from internet megastar Google, the world of SEO is one that constantly shifts, and true SEO experts often have to study new algorithms at length in order to provide their clients with the best results possible. A new algorithm that has been incorporated into the way that Google works is the Hummingbird algorithm. This super speedy algorithm is specifically designed to give users results in a faster, more precise manner.

For SEO experts, the Hummingbird algorithm can pose a very serious problem, simply because it is more focused on user intent, and not search terms. This means that doing analyses on favorite keywords may not actually guide your ability to attract natural, organic traffic as it once did. However, all is not lost. The new and improved Hummingbird algorithm’s major difference from the last Google algorithms is because it focuses on every word in the search phrase instead of focusing on specialized keywords.

The entire focus on the Hummingbird algorithm is to help refine search engine results by working with peoples’ intent more than with the keywords that they use. According to insiders who have worked with Google, good SEO will begin to focus on a human element more than a mathematical element. Content that is shared via social media is more likely to get a higher ranking with Hummingbird, as is content that has been deemed to be of high quality by people who view it through their search engine results. Complex search terms are also going to be less of a problem with Google thanks to Hummingbird.

Another major difference that SEO experts should be aware of is that this new algorithm is a complete and total replacement of prior algorithms that Google has used. In other words, it’s not an update like the recent Penguin and Panda additions. The reason for this is because the staff at Google noticed the surge in mobile search queries as well as queries that were done by voice, which will now make a lot more sense thanks to the new algorithm’s ability to grasp human language’s subtleties. In order to get a better grip on actual speech and language, the algorithm needed a complete overhaul due to the fact that some major points of the older patches would have conflicted with it.

Though this all may sound pretty revolutionary, the fact is that most SEO experts should not be alarmed unless they are prone to keyword-stuffing or other archaic and possibly unethical practices. In fact, since it has started being the standard for Google’s search results, very few people can say that they have noticed a change in the results that they receive for common searches. None of the people who have worked on the algorithm expect search results to differ dramatically from the older version of the algorithm to the Hummingbird algorithm. All that we really should expect to notice, really, are faster results, and a little bit less success when using black hat SEO tactics.

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