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Mobile Friendly Websites Matter

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Over the recent years, many website owners have been able to testify to the fact that mobile-friendly websites play a big part in turning users into customers. According to Google’s Mobile Ads Blog, analysts found that 50% of survey respondents claimed they would use a business’s website less often if it wasn’t mobile friendly, even if they liked the business in question. Out of a pool of respondents that visited a mobile-friendly site and were asked if they would return to it in the future, 74% said that they were likely to do so.

Why Mobile Friendly Websites Matter

There’s no doubt that adapting to mobile technology is becoming more pertinent than ever before. In the past, online shopping was a last resort method for most in terms of making purchases, but in modern times, it’s becoming second nature for most casual internet users. And in this day and age, more users are making purchases from their mobile devices than ever before. This is why it’s extremely vital that you take adapting your website for mobile devices as seriously as possible.

Mobile Marketing in the Past

Microsoft released an interesting info-graphic (shown below) which extrapolated that by some time in 2014, mobile internet users would surpass desktop or laptop users in number. In 2007, desktop internet users were just under 200% higher in number than mobile internet users. By 2011, desktop internet users were roughly only 25% higher in number than mobile internet users. 2014 is when Microsoft predicts that mobile internet users will finally eclipse desktop internet users in number.

The Strength of Mobile Marketing

What’s even more interesting is that CBS News released an article in 2012 that fronted a study entitled, “IT in the Toilet,” and this study found that a whopping 75% of mobile phone users admitted to bringing their devices into the bathroom with them. While consumers use their phones in the bathroom, they are likely texting, browsing social networks, or simply browsing online shopping websites.

This is a heavy indicator that the market for mobile internet users is there; many website owners just have to tap into it in order to access its full potential.

The Ideology Behind Mobile Internet Usage

It is supposed that users are turning more than ever before to their mobile devices to access the internet and make purchases simply because of the ease of use and a decreased amount of required effort. When a network provider offers an app to its customers to pay their bills, it would seem that it would be easier to log into it and pay a bill straight from the user’s device, which is more than likely always near its owner, than physically going to a computer, turning it on, locating the internet provider’s website, and so on.

Why You Should Care

Because mobile internet usage is projected to surpass desktop computer internet usage in a strikingly short amount of time, now is the time to begin caring about adapting to a mobile-friendly website.

When desktop websites render in mobile browsers, the result is often difficult to browse. In some cases, pertinent website components don’t load at all. This could leave the visitor frustrated or unable to use your website from their device, and therefore, it could result in the loss of a conversion. Begin thinking about making the move today before you miss out on too many important sales.

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