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Improving your Bounce Rate

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If you take the time to build a web site, you’d like your visitors to stay on it for a while. Visitors who show up and leave 3 seconds later aren’t generally helpful. You want to lower your bounce rate. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

What’s Bounce Rate?


Bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors who visit a page on your site and then leave without looking at any other pages. It’s a good way to tell if that page is keeping visitors’ attention or not.

The bounce rate on your home page is particularly telling. Your home page should be pretty compelling for the folks who go there. Many of them just type in your web address; others come from branded keyword searches; and still others may have found your address in an article or other literature. They’re the most-interested or at least potentially most-interested visitors. Below you will find tips on how to improve your bounce rate.

Answer questions

When someone comes to your site, they’re probably not thinking “ I wonder what their office looks like.” Instead, they’re asking, “Do you have the pots and pans I really want”? Which question do you answer? Answer the latter and you’ll keep more visitors.

Simplify your home page 

Believe it or not, every person in your company does not get to contribute one link to your home page. The average person is most comfortable processing 5-7 choices at a time. Don’t overwhelm them. Simplify by removing options or at least grouping and prioritizing them. Look at your traffic reports, find out what visitors really want, and then link to that and only that.

Increase page load time

If your home page takes more than 8 seconds to load completely , you’re probably losing visitors. Trim 2-3 seconds off your page load time and watch the bounce rate drop.

Be more Creative with your Headline

A punchy, take-action headline will keep visitors. Move the important stuff up. If you have a store, show products near the top of the page. If you’re promoting a candidate, put that message at the top. Always put your call to action up high, front-and-center. If you’re uncomfortable doing that, you may have the wrong call to action.

Lose the popup heads

If you have a popup or other annoyance on your home page, get rid of it. You’re losing a lot more than you’re gaining.

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