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How to Create an Effective Meta Description

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsHow to Create an Effective Meta Description
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If you’ve looked around the Internet, you may have found some reference to meta descriptions no longer being necessary in the world of SEO and search engine placement. That, however, is not accurate. Meta tags are not required as Google and other search engines are able to identify tags and necessary information without the assist of tagging. The meta description, on the other hand, is the description used in search engine results to detail what the website is and what you’ll find on the link. This is going to help in several different ways. First, it tells your visitors what they are likely going to find. It also can help with some keyword searches when looking for description keywords. Due to this, you need to know how to create an effective meta description.

Solution to a Problem


Your website needs to offer a solution to a problem. Maybe you provide ways to care for a lawn. Perhaps you sell art to beautify an ugly wall. Whatever it is, you need to let people know what you do and how it can fix an issue or provide a solution with a benefit. Not only does this help clarify what exactly your website is but it is also proven to help drive clicks to your website when people mentally connect you with helping address a problem.

Keep it Short

Don’t make it too wordy. Google only has a small amount of space to provide your website description. In fact, you want to keep it under 155 characters. This includes spaces, punctuation and all other figures. Anything longer and it will just be cut off.

Don’t Promise Something You Can’t Deliver

Never include information in your description that simply is not true. You also don’t want to keyword stuff. Google has caught onto this and will not only cut down your search engine rankings, but it might actually ban you all together. Just include information that is pertinent to your website and is accurate. Leave everything else out of it.

Consider Keywords

The description is short. You have room for maybe one keyword. Don’t try to use too many of these words. With 155 characters, you have enough room for one longer or two very short sentences. It is rather obvious when you are writing for keywords and not for content. This will harm what you are trying to do with the meta description.

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