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How Beneficial is Position One?

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsHow Beneficial is Position One?
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Having a website on page one can be highly profitable for your business. With trillions of searches this year, Google is the most visited website on the internet. When someone needs to purchase a good or service, they search on Google or another search engine website. With 91% of individuals using the internet to search, it is imperative for a company to have a website. However, having a website may not be enough with the current competition climate. How beneficial is a website that has no visitors? Not very.

page one position one seo ad words ppc According to a study completed in June 2013, about 98% of traffic from search engine is directed to the first page links. The best way for a website to be found is if it is located on position one on page one. If you are in position 4 – 10, you receive less than 10% of the traffic direct to the first page. Being in third position, gives you on average 11.4% of the traffic. The second position receives 17.6%, where as position one gets 32.5% of the traffic. That is more than the amount of traffic of position two and three receive combined!

SEO services are directed to help you gain position one page one status on your keywords. Page one first position status is gained through organic keyword, not ad words. SEO is an unparalleled marketing technique. Of those who utilize search engines, 70% of users click on organic link instead of Ad Words. While participating in Ad Words cannot hurt your company, a great SEO Campaign leading you in position one will yield more traffic to your website. While it is common to see advertisements link on Google, they are typically ignore. Users are more likely to got to the organic keywords instead. Using a safe White Hat SEO Service to get ranked high can only be beneficial.

With position one status, you are not only receiving and influx in traffic, but also receiving page one position one seo ad words ppcthe trust of an individual. Most individuals believe that websites in number one position are there because they provide the best services. While in most cases it may be true, this position leads others to have confidence in your company. This position increases your companies credibility. According to a 2012 study, 66% of individuals believe search engines are an unbiased fair source of information. This means your customers believe you are on page one, because you are the best in your field or industry. Although this may be true, it is reinforced with your page one position. Furthermore, most people are not aware that certain website receive SEO services.

Overall, SEO services can only be beneficial to your company. Providing your website with page one position one key word status is an unparalleled marketing strategy. Those in page one position receive the most amount of traffic. As seen earlier, their traffic is more the second position and third position combined. While many companies utilize Ad Words, the almost 3 out of 4 individuals skip these in preference to organic searches. These do bring traffic to a website, however organic keywords bring in more. In combination with SEO services, Ad Words can be beneficial to your company. Ultimately, SEO provides companies with page one position status which can bring in a significant amount of traffic to your website. SEO is an immensely beneficial long term investment.

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