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Guide to Posting On Social Media

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As stated in past articles, social media is an important factor in your business online presence. The trick to having a prosperous social media campaign is posting information that is responded to and shared to multiple people. Below, is the guide to posting on social media. We list the top five social media websites and the best day and time to upload a post depending the type of interaction you need.



Days: Thursday and Friday are the days that typically have the most engagement online.

Time: The best time of day to post is in the early afternoon. If you want the post to be shared, then you should post around 1pm. The most clicks on a post occur around 3pm.

Worst Times: Weekends, before 8am and after 8pm are the worst day for a business to post on Facebook. There is little interaction on these days. 


Days: The weekdays, Monday through Friday, are the best days to post on Twitter.
These days receive the most amount of individual engagement. On the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you are more likely to receive a higher CTR (click through rate).

Time: If you post around 5pm you are most likely to receive retweets. At 12pm and 6pm you are most likely to have a higher CTR. This is due to the people who are on their lunch break and commuting home from work. They are most likely to use twitter during this time.

Worst Time: The worst times to post after 8pm and Friday after 3pm.

Tips: When tweeting be sure to post a picture. With an image on a tweet, the post is more likely to receive more clicks,visit, retweets, and favorites.

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Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to post.

 Time: Weekdays 9pm until 5 pm are the best day to post. Furthermore, post are frequently viewed 7am until 8am and 5pm through 6pm.

Worst Time: The worst time to post on the website is 10pm until 6am. The majority of its users are sleeping or preoccupied with something else.

Tip: Make sure what you post on LinkedIn can be easily viewed from phones as more than half of LinkedIn users view the website through a mobile phone.


Days: The best days to post on Pinterest to yield the most engagement is on Saturday.

Time: Saturday at 2pm until 4pm is the best time to post on Pinterest as well as 8pm until 9pm. Activity on the website is best on 9pm during the weekend.   

Tip: Fashion, wedding, and the DIY industry do increasingly well on Pinterest. For these industries, the best time to upload and post is at 3pm.


Days: Mondays are the best time to post on Instagram. On these day, individuals are most likely to “catch up” on what has happened over the weekend. 

Time: The best time to post on this website is around 3pm until 4pm.

Tip: Take advantage of days where you can post with certain hashtags. For example, on  Fridays you can take part in Flashback Friday and show a picture at least five years old of your company or something related to you industry.

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