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Google’s “Pigeon” Algorithm Update

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Google released a new update, dubbed Pigeon, to their search engine algorithm in late july. Remaining quiet on the changes, Google did not say much, only that it will provide more relevant results for both web searches and map searches. Updates to the search engine are normal. They do improve the overall use of the search engine, along with help Google continue to grow. These updates can, and frequently do, create a bit of chaos for the SEO world.

What happens after a new update:
Things can get a little bumpy. In the first few moments of an update, what has changed is unknown. Rankings and charts are going to be rocky, with rapidly changing results. SEO Consultants are going to have to research and find out what is working and what is not working as well. Until a basic understanding of what Google decided to change is uncovered, solutions are going to be short term. Once that understanding of the update is solid and backed by results – then you can focus on the long term. However, if you have a solid, well-built SEO foundation, an update shouldn’t rock you too much. If you have done things in a non-approved way – an update could sink you. Updates are another reason why sound, honest SEO tactics should be the only option.

What do we know about Pigeon?
Not too much at this moment in time, only that:

  • There has been a reduction of duplicate results.
  • Local queries in the U.S are only affected.
  • The search radius has been shrunk for most queries.
  • Domain Authority is rising in importance.
  • Having directories will help with local results (Yelp)
  • A lot is still unknown, as time goes on the information will grow.

What does all of this mean?
After an update you should stick to your roots. Continuing to practice the core principles of SEO and creating great content for your sites should be of first importance. Make sure to remember that you should optimize not only for the search engine, but for the user. If possible, link your business up with local directories like Yelp. Having these good links will also help with Domain Authority. Which, with the update has become more important. Increasing good links and losing bad links can also help with your Domain Authority. Changes are happening to the search engine, but what we do should be practically the same.

The most important thing to do after an update is to stay focused, but remain patient. No one will have the answers as soon as an update hits. However, ensuring your SEO work has a solid foundation, you should be able to ride out the waves. Once rankings settle and the algorithm is understood, SEO consultants will do everything in their power to get their clients back to the number one spot.

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