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Google Vs Bing Vs Yahoo

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Does using a certain search engine really make any type of difference at all? Are there any pros and cons to using Bing or Yahoo instead of Google? Each of these three search engines have their pros and their cons. Some tune themselves to be more user friendly, but at the cost of quality. Some tune themselves towards results, lacking aesthetics – but giving the best content. Maybe you are searching for images, or videos; each search engine has its positives along with its negatives. Some just handle both better than the others.

If we take a look at Bing, they offer great tools to help refine searches to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. Bing opens the world for images, allowing for endless scrolling of all relevant images, travel and local results can be easily found with add-ons, and the search history in Bing is enhanced, giving the user easy access to look at previous pages. Due to Bing’s youth, as it was unveiled in 2009, it isn’t attracting as much attention as Google. Bing is also lagging when it comes to search engine optimization, a popular tool used by websites to help their pages gain ranks. While Bing might try to make the aesthetics appealing to internet users, many people prefer to find relevant information as fast as possible.


Yahoo, founded in 1994, has not been doing too well as of lately. They are losing their market share in the world of search engines. They have made some changes, like adding a new interface that allows users some customization. Yahoo also does well with their advertisement placings and yahoo has also done well when it comes to finding results. However, Yahoos new interface that is full of customization brings it’s own troubles as well. Some sites and programs might not be able to work with Yahoo right away. Making the new interface bug free and harmonious will take time, and it’s not known if Yahoo has that time. Bing makes image finding easy, Google has their Google Video feature, but Yahoo doesn’t have either. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see them slowly losing their place as one of the top search engines.


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Google, the most renowned search engine, was founded in 1998. Google follows algorithms to ensure that users will find the correct content they are looking for. Due to these algorithms, Google is known for giving its users the most relevant searches of the three. Search engine optimization also thrives inside of Google, unlike the previous two search engines. Google is continually growing and improving,with no end in sight. Privacy is an eery subject when it comes up with Google. Many people feel like they do not have any privacy when using Google. When using Google’s email features, Google has said that people have no legitimate expectation of privacy in information voluntarily turned over to third parties. Aside from the privacy aspect, some times when you search terms, you are left with news feeds, or sales, and not the information you were really trying to find.

Google clearly has the advantage when it comes to search engines. They maintain around 68% of the market share. Bing is seeing small increases in the market share, but that is linked to the declining presence of Yahoo. Google gives its users many features that are unmatched by its competition, they appeal to SEO firms with their tools and algorithms, and they love user generated content through Google Video and their acquisition of YouTube. When using a search engine, it usually comes to preference, but Google is certainly standing tall.

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