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How Google Analytics Works

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Google Analytics is a service that collects and generates statistical data about individuals who visit your company. We put Google Analytics on all of our accounts. While it does collect and monitor the traffic to your website, Google Analytics has various features that can help your business and its website prosper. Google Analytics monitors the collection of data, configuration and processing of data, and data reporting.

Each individual that visits your website is given a unique secure JavaScript tracking code. This allows Analytics to monitor and observe their behavior patterns on the website. This can provide you with insight on which part of your website customers are most likely to visit. Customers can be tracked not only on computers, but also on mobile phones, apps, and tablets. These tracking codes can be used to measure the frequency, duration, and longevity of each visit. There is also a setting on Analytics, that allows you to monitor the demographics of each visitor. With Analytics you can essentially have a complete idea of what visitors are doing on your website. In addition to visitors, you can also manage your PPC with Analytics using a plugin.

google analytics helpAfter Analytics collects the raw data, it processes and configures it to something that is understandable. After this is done, you can place filters on certain data. Filters allow the data you collect to be specific. For example, you can add a one to your data to remove employee’s website visits. This allows you to get a more defined idea of visitors to your website. However, once you apply the filter and the data is processed, you cannot get the original website information. In addition to filters, you have the capability to set goals and group data together. By setting goals, you can monitor if you have met your business’s or website quota. Subsequently, you can combine data into groups. Channel groups allow you to consolidate common marketing activities. For example, if your business has a Facebook, you can group together visitors that enter the website via Facebook.

In addition to website views, Google Analytics can measure activity on any web base application or appliance. For example, if a kiosk is connected to the internet then you can manually set up a tracking code and Analytics can track the activity on it. This helps with understanding what the customer is doing on these appliances. With all these features Google Analytics is very helpful for your website and a necessary tool for your to utilize. Google Analytics is the most commonly used website statistics program and is currently in found on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites.

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