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Future Proof SEO – Ethics

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Being honest with your clients is the number one way to future proof your SEO campaign. Following the rules, setting solid expectations, and focusing your attention to what will make a difference are three keys to a successful SEO campaign.

Guidelines, Guidelines, Guidelines
Each search engine has their own rules, it is important to understand what you can and can’t do. Webmaster guidelines will include descriptions of what content the search engines want to see in there results, what can be done to help index a site, and ways to better organize a site. If you decide to go against the rules that these search engines give, they can actually bump your site down pages, or even remove your page from their search engine all together. This is where some clients get lost, the SEO company that might have been cheaper than all the others, might not have been following the rules. Once a future change in Google’s algorithm goes live, their site plummets. The client is now unhappy, the SEO company that cheated is unhappy – and the customers of that website are unhappy. No one wins this way. Exploiting is also frowned upon. Being an ethical SEO consultant will lead to a bright future. If an opportunity is presented – you don’t have to take it. Having an honest SEO campaign will ensure your clients are heading in the right direction. Stick to the sustainable efforts, don’t let a faulty possibility ruin your campaign.

Have Honest Expectations
SEO Companies can get you to the first page, but you are going to have to give it a bit of time. Not getting to the first page in 30 days is okay. Some companies are able to get there faster, and some might take a little more time. It is important to remember your competition, some companies have a lot of competition, while some do not. An SEO consultant should be regularly communicating with their client, whether through a simple update email, or a phone call. Being on the same page, and understanding the progress that is being made will ensure a long lasting campaign. What is most important, is seeing a continual rise in rankings, and once at the top, maintaining that top position.

Focus On What Will Work
Organic search traffic is king. Search engine optimization isn’t a one and done type of deal. There are on-site changes and off-site changes that can be done. What’s important, is taking the time to view each websites problems, and doing the most pivotal task first. Hours can be spent fixing every nook and cranny of a website, make sure to fix the foundation before you paint the walls. Quality is better than Quantity when it comes to SEO. Nothing happens over night, fixing all these issues takes a bit of time, but the progress they will help your site achieve makes them well worth the wait. But do not forget, the website user should always be in your mind when you are working on a website. The end user, the buyer, the inquirer – they hold the real fate to your website.

If you are looking to have a successful partnership with your SEO Company, make sure they are honest. Ensure that both of you have set common goals and understand where each person is coming from.


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