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Fine Tune Your Local Strategy

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Local business have a huge advantage over larger companies. According to the US Census Bureau’s most recent data (2012) business with fewer than 20 employees make up 90% of all employer business and produce 4 trillion in sales receipts. So when searching for marketing tools for your small business keep these strategies in mind.

Highlight what consumers value about local business

graphic-1-smb-circlesConsumers are supporting and value local business more than national chains. Also, local businesses provide a personalized service, quality work, treat customers fairly and most of all are extremely reliable in delivering their product as promised to the consumer. Another way to take advantage of consumer perception is to highlight the fact that you are a local business. Since consumers already believe that local businesses have personalized service and quality work, attaching the local business tag is much more beneficial to your business. Make sure to highlight your local presence in your meta descriptions, landing pages, and business listing on other websites. Also make sure to include your address, neighborhood maps, and local area codes, so that it is easier for consumers to find you.

Ask Customers To Provide Positive Reviews

Some businesses are fearful of online reviews, because they have a fear of complainers being more vocal and likely to post a bad review. According to Yodle’s study they found that 80% of customers that posted reviews were the result of a positive experience with a business. In a society where everything is done through our smart phones consumers are looking for those online reviews to make an evaluation of a local business. Yodel also found that 75% of customers say that online reviews are important, with 40% expecting to see reviews and 36% believing it sets a local business apart from its competitors. So, don’t be a local business that is missing out on an opportunity for positive reviews and content. Missing out on positive PR can affect your SEO and ranking which will set you apart from other businesses in your industry .

Email Customers to Keep the Business Top of Mind

Another huge opportunity for local businesses to take full advantage of  is being able to communicate with existing customers. Having a good communication line with existing customers can help out your local business with brand reputation and management. There are so many ways that local businesses can reach out to customers just letting them know they care. Businesses can send out appointment reminders, promotion of new events, or send out a  call or email. By sending out a regular email or making a phone call  this will keep your business on the minds of your consumers and they will be more likely to recommend your business to others. 

In conclusion, local businesses have a huge opportunity over big name brands that can help attract customers. The key is to make sure that you highlight that you are a local business and communicate the advantage of doing business with a local business, and form that personal relationship with your consumers . You do this and the customers will keep coming back, and will tell everyone they know to support your local business.

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