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We Dedicated 10,000 Hours

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Now a top sociologist has added weight to this age old adage by claiming that you must spend 10,000 hours honing your skills if you want to be a success at anything. When you are looking for a company to provide a service for you, make sure your not the test dummy!  It can get very expensive to be the one paying for the research.

Academic Macolm Gladwell, whose books have become required reading within the Conservative Party says, “you need to put in this time over a decade to get to the top of your chosen field.”

10,000 hours is not everything to becoming an expert or leader in your specific goal, but it shows dedication, ability to adapt, and learn. Most of our success with Search Engine Optimization is a combination of natural ability and sheer dedication. We put in the time to understand and make mistakes so our clients don’t suffer. With the ever changing algorithms, search theory, search engines, semantic web, or geo location, we are testing, molding,  and breaking down the changes days after they appear. Know one can know what it going to happen before it does, (if you know any psychic’s that can, email us!) however your company handling your lifeline should be a proactive one.

We hear this statement from our clients, “Just keep us in the top 6” but this is not how we think. We know the average percentage falloff of clicks from position, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, ect… This way of thinking is not proactive, it’s not even reactive it’s lethargic. You should want to have a company that wants you #1 every time they search for you, and when you fall to position 2, they are proactive in getting you back to the top spot! Instead more seo companies then we would like to admit wait until there is a huge fall in rankings before they put more work to get you back.

If you are ever feeling like your current company is not taking a proactive approach or are sounding unsure as to the steps moving forward to get you where you want to be, email us! We are always here crunching algorithms, decoding websites, and generating results for our clients!


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