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Credibility to your Local Search

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Marketing has changed drastically for local businesses. People are now marketing online, the big, yellow books of yesterday are long gone. The majority of your existing and future customers are searching for your business from their mobile device. Customer reviews are very crucial to your online marketing, and you also need to ensure that the SEO is in place. Page Titles, meta descriptions and your Google Business page must all be completed so that you can deliver your business message. Would you build a house on a faulty foundation? So, why would you do the same with your online marketing. Below you will found the three stages of credibility to a local search.

Customer-Reviews-BenedettoInitial Awareness

It is important to have your customers aware of your credibility, so you need to answer these questions about your website. How credible do you appear on first glance? How did the prospect or customer discover you? You have to remember that customers can find you by your bad reviews also, you want to make sure that your first job is to pop above the line. Five or more reviews on your Google My Business page will add those all-important stars to your listing.This is crucial for customers to be able to see you as a credible business.

Having reviews on your Google business page will be enough for local search results, but having reviews on other pages will help boost your business credibility.


Once a potential customer becomes aware of your business, what comes next? Do they read the reviews from your Google page and get in touch with your company? The key is to understand the requirements and goals of your target audience and your current credibility within your industry. Being the number one dentist office in your location may be tough, but getting to the top three in your category can be achieved.

The specifics will always vary depending on your  situation, and most if not all business categories will have specific  directories that can be an advantage in your journey towards your credibility.

Credibility Over Time

When starting your business you aren’t going to be able to have credibility right at the start, and getting to that point is going to take time. As long as you are able to put in the work and understand that your credibility can rise or fall at any given time period.

This is a constant process that is never really finished and isn’t just something that you can put to the side. The overall point is to make sure that you are constantly maintaining your credibility to the needs of your business.

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