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Content Marketing Strategy

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SEO companies have long wondered how certain blog posts were constantly at the top of a search engines and have gotten huge audiences for free. That was until they realized what was going on behind the scenes

By linking SEO to a successful content marketing strategy, a fairly new super competitive niche dominated search results  and built a powerful brand. Below you will find ways that show you how you can reach the same results in your industry.


3D Seo Content Crossword on white backgroundSEO has 4 key elements that were developed around a content marketing strategy:

1. Find out what people are looking for and give it to them.

2. Use retargeting lists to communicate with them, even after they have left your site.

3. Offer special prices on your product they buy now.

4. Build content that will pull in your target customers

Organic search is a huge factor into building a marketing strategy. Most businesses are aware of content marketing to as a motive to engage target audiences and improve their search rankings. But most of the time the marketing efforts fail. Why?

What businesses need to know about Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is not paid content dressed up as editorial content. When content marketing is done correctly it is a super beneficial way to help build relationships with your customers.

A well applied content strategy help determine trust and authority in the market. I will rank your company in the middle of the research , so that you can determine what your customers see, read, think and do.

Being found on organic search results and attracting traffic to your site makes it possible to engage people and convert them into fans and customers. And all those clicks and traffic from Google results are free.

In order to be successful and effective in content marketing you need to tell stories that your customers will find interesting.

Your content should not be perceived as “marketing” or “selling.” You will get more sales by not selling! While your content is created to eventually develop awareness, close sales and create advocacy for your brand, it should stay focused on helping, develop value for customers, and meeting their needs.

This way more people will find your content, giving you a larger audience and impact on your customers. Your content marketing strategy will help differentiate you from the other businesses in your industry.

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