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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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Gone are the days when marketing only involved newspaper ads, billboards and television spots. These marketing channels — known as outbound marketing — are increasingly being replaced by inbound marketing, which aims to make potential customers seek out a company rather than the other way around.

Inbound marketing has been shown to double the rate of a company’s website conversions, and in the world of inbound marketing, content marketing has proven to be especially necessary.

Include White Space


It may seem counterintuitive to not make the most of a web page’s space, but any successful entrepreneur knows that leaving white space in content is essential. This allows those viewing the content on mobile devices to more easily digest the information and prevents them from being overwhelmed.

Focus on your Audience

It’s tempting to create content with the idea of attracting every demographic out there, but this can prove damaging to a startup. It’s imperative to initially focus on the individuals to whom the company is catering. Content marketing strategies that will attract teens are different from those which will work on seniors.

Once a company is established, it makes sense to try to expand the organization’s metaphorical horizons. When just starting out, however, a budding entrepreneur needs to focus on building their base.

Create Useful Content

Content marketing’s main goal is to make a customer want to seek a company out on their own. This isn’t going to happen with content that’s not useful. An American bait-and-tackle shop startup, for instance, may decide to post content about the largest fish found in Australia. But that may not be relevant to the company’s key demographic.

Don’t Focus Solely on Text

It’s possible to get a wealth of information across through text articles, but that doesn’t mean that the content will be shared, re-tweeted or even read. Once again, large blocks of text can dissuade people from reading. This is why it’s a good idea to litter images and videos throughout the content as well.

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