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Content Marketing and SEO

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Content is the core of search engine optimization.  After all, without content what is there to optimize?  In order to be found for specific industry related keywords, you need to publish content throughout the web that includes those keywords.  Below you will find tips on how to improve your SEO content.

Commit to It


Content marketing is the center of SEO and online marketing. The more content that you have out there, the more likely it is that someone searching may find something that you wrote or created. Too many businesses undervalue content because it seems more logical to spend money on traditional advertising or PPC, where the results can be more accurately measured and seen more quickly. Marketers need to commit time and resources to creating quality content for SEO purposes just as they commit time and resources to advertising and PPC.

Optimize Optimize Optimize

Content should be created primarily with the target audience in mind. What kind of information are they looking for? Content needs to provide them with value to establish your business/brand as a thought leader and an expert. However, when it comes to online content you are also writing for the search engines. Incorporate keywords where you can in a way that is so natural a human reader won’t even notice it. In order for content to be successful long term it needs to be found by those that haven’t yet heard about your company.  The most promising source of that traffic is through the search engines.

Outsource if Needed

A good content writer with good direction can create something beneficial and valuable on your behalf but remember, good content writing doesn’t come cheap. It’s better to have no content then content that is obviously thrown together or written by someone overseas that doesn’t speak English as their first language.

Promote It

If you’ve created something great, there’s no shame in letting the world know that you did so.  Just don’t be annoying about it.  Content takes a long time to achieve organic visitors from the search engines and you want to reap the benefits quicker than that. Use social media and email to promote it to those that have opted in to receiving messages from you.  They opted in for a reason. If you think that your content will help them in some way, there’s nothing wrong with promoting it.

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