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Bounce Rate SEO Ranking

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Bounce Rate SEO Ranking Factor
A high bounce rate is not good for you, or your website. When a website has a large number of unique visitors clicking through to your specific page, but they don’t click on to another page or your call to action and leave – it does you no good. That person either did not find what they were looking for, or they didn’t like your page (whether that it was too difficult to find the content they needed, or if something aesthetically turned them off).

What is Bounce Rate
5When you have a high bounce rate, you must start to redesign or refocus your sites call to actions, eStore products or contact forms.. So what exactly is bounce rate, and why is it important? When someone visits a site, but doesn’t navigate to another page, it is considered a bounce. When someone visits your site, you want them to spend ample time there. You want them check out your content, view your products, view your content, and stay on your page.

How design effects your User
Web design plays a huge role in whether someone will stick with your site, or move along to another. Make sure your website is easily navigable and responsive. Keeping your page contents fresh and updated is one of the best things you can do to keep your site healthy. Continually update your blog page, incorporate new insights, and make sure your website is mobile friendly. When thinking of the bounce rate, remember who is actually using your site – the end user. Have other people take a look at your site and get their opinions. Are there ads that are disrupting the users experience? Is there a video that will push a browser away? Keep your content clean cut, and to the point.Lastly, do not forget about social media. Adding a social touch to your website might be exactly what it needs. When you connect with your audience, they will become more engaged and spend more time on your site or buying your products. Make sure both the social site and your website have links to each other. Many people find their news and do their research on social sites, make sure they can get to your content from those social sites. Lowering your bounce rate will help make your website increase its page rank. A higher page rank, is a healthier page. A healthier page means a happier you!

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