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Blogging to Boost SEO

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Are you looking to boost your website’s rankings in search engines to drive organic traffic? If so, search engine optimization (SEO) is what you need.

A well-rounded SEO strategy entails keyword research, website optimization, content generation, back linking and more. However, one surefire way to get search engines to notice you is, you guessed it, a blog.  Adding a quality blog to your website is a fantastic way to gain organic traffic to your site. Here’s why:


When you host your own blog and develop your own content, you’re in control. You control your message. You control the keywords. You control the links. Blogs give you the power to control your online presence.

Content Variety


SEO benefits of blogging Search engines want content that’s helpful for users. Your website can (well, should) only have so much content on it. But with a blog, you can write about what you feel is most helpful for your audience, no matter if it fits into a sitemap or not.

More Indexed Pages

When you blog, every post is indexed in search engines as a single page. Having more pages doesn’t necessarily correlate with a better ranking, but it does keep Google’s robots on your site longer and, as discussed in #5 above, provide more variety in content.

Enhanced Internal Linking

This benefit relates to #6. Because you have control over your content, you can choose when to link your blog posts to your website, and with what anchor text.

When done correctly, internal linking helps search engines understand what’s on your website. When you link a key phrase in your blog post to a page on your website related to that phrase, search engines take note.

Fresh Content

Google gives precedence to sites that continually update content. A blog is a fantastic way to keep your site fresh. The updated content is great for search engines’ robots, and it’s a natural way to keep customers coming back to your site.

If you haven’t guessed by now, or heard it before, content rules the day in SEO. We’ve learned that the best SEO strategies start with content. Good content helps users and gets shared, which is exactly what Google is looking for.

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