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Important Tips of a PPC Ad

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With competition for natural rankings on the rise and the increasing frequency of (not provided) search term data in SEO campaigns, many companies are embracing Pay-Per-Click advertising systems such as AdWords. While it can be easy to get started, developing an effective campaign means making the best possible use of your limited number of characters.

SEO vs Social Media

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There was a time when Internet marketers would argue over SEO and social media and debate over which is more important. They still debate the question, but most Internet marketers today see benefit in both. Gone are the days when a respectable marketer would shout SEO and dismiss social media marketing altogether. You are just

Using SEO to Help your Ecommerce

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SEO can be a powerful tool in attracting potential buyers via search traffic. However, with the changing algorithms of search engines and increasing global competition, an SEO (search engine optimization) marketing strategy needs careful planning to be successful. Use keywords  To keep in good standing with search engines, use a variety of relevant keywords and

PPC to Market your Business

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PPC advertisements on Google help your business get found quickly. When an individuals searches for a product or service, typically the first three search results shown are PPC advertisements. Using this method you can target a certain audience in regard to the website type, audience type, and you have the option to place your ad

Choosing the Right SEO Company

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Selecting the Right SEO Company is so Important and can be very difficult. Below are a few reasons that hiring the right company can really have an affect, either positive or negative, on your business’s long-term and short-term goals: Organic traffic and PPC It’s true. With great SEO you can not only drive traffic to

Google Analytics and SEO

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Google Analytics is not the only way to track your web traffic statistics, but it’s free, it connects with other Google services, and the support material that exists is so much more extensive than any other platform. So, unless you have some personal vendetta against Google, Google Analytics  is where you go to check out

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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Gone are the days when marketing only involved newspaper ads, billboards and television spots. These marketing channels — known as outbound marketing — are increasingly being replaced by inbound marketing, which aims to make potential customers seek out a company rather than the other way around. Inbound marketing has been shown to double the rate

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

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Email marketing existed even before social media became popular. This is one of the most cost effective forms of communication that the small business owners used earlier and which is still in effect to keep in touch with their potential market and current customers. Therefore, small business owners should consider including email strategy into their

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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Social media marketing should be an important point to any business’ business plan. Small businesses often do not realize the gold mine that is social media. Social media creates engaging content that connects people, which can help a company grow sales. The Internet is an amazing platform, where people can gather information, share pictures and

What to do if your Website gets Hacked

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WordPress websites are the greatest, mainly because they are both user-friendly and Google-friendly. Their popularity also makes them attractive targets for hackers, unfortunately. It helps to understand why websites get hacked, as well as what you can do to prevent it. Malicious people take advantage of the vulnerabilities in systems like these for many reasons.