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Say Goodbye to Keyword Data

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So Google says, the reason for the switch is to provide “extra protection” for searchers. Search Engine Land, however, suspects that Google may also be attempting to block NSA spying activity — since Google was accused of giving the National Security Agency access to its search data back in June (which it has strongly denied). We also can’t help

How Safe is Your Website from Hackers?

What do an outdated image re-sizer, US Bank, and computer hacking have in common? In 2012, this well-known bank fell victim to computer hackers due to an old WordPress plug-in. Hacking is a problem affecting millions of webmaster’s per year. 648,000,000 websites fall prey to hackers, due to some common neglect and vulnerabilities, that include:

Hackschooling makes me happy

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Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Not only was he home schooled, but Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer. As Logan has mentioned, when

Successful Onsite SEO

Keys to Successful Onsite SEO Optimization on-site is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Most work on SEO is conducted on the pages of a website, thus the name on-site SEO for work done to optimize a website or webpage. Basic on-site SEO can be reduced to several main areas. Page Titles The easiest

SEO Tools and Strategies

Many seo companies hide their seo tools, strategies, and knowledge for there clients, in order to “stay ahead of the curve”. We at SEO Gazelle feel that even if we post our current strategies, tools, or knowledge we are still ahead and will be due to our none stop research. When you are running a

More Google HTTP Referrer Changes

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On Google’s webmaster central official blog they announced they are adding META tag referrer support. You can read the full blog post here HTTP Referrer Changes: Upcoming changes in Google’s HTTP Referrer The post was a bit technical, so we’re going to break it down for you. First, a little history. In October of 2011, Google

Site Down Time & Search Syntax Effects on SEO

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Search Syntax Effects – It’s that time of the week, once again, to cover some of the questions posed to Google engineer, Matt Cutts, and the answers he gave to budding SEO experts just like yourself. So sit back, relax, and learn something! First up, a user wanted to know if their site was down for

Real Estate SEO Benefits

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When you run a real estate company and want to draw in visitors, it’s not enough to host a website and throw up a few advertisements. No, competition is tough and if you try old methods, you will watch as other Realtors mop up the floor when they run a strong SEO campaign. To compete,