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SEO Audits Show Where To Improve Your Website

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SEO Audits, What Are They? An SEO Audit is an audit of your website. Your website will be put through vigorous tests and measures in order to present you with an evaluation that can be used to improve your website. An SEO audit is more than just perusing your site. This audit will set new

Trust Your SEO Company

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Your SEO Company’s main focus should be to help your business’ online presence grow. If you have found a genuine, hardworking SEO company, they know that your success means their success. When searching for an SEO company, make sure you find one that has a solid online reputation to back up their customer service. If

Google Authorship Changes

Authors taking advantage of Google’s Authorship are in for a surprise this month as Google is removing authorship photos from the search engine results pages. After years of being able to see photographs of each article’s author in the results, it now appears that these features are going to be removed entirely. The change is