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Black Hat. White Hats. Why They matter?

SEO GazelleOur ThoughtsBlack Hat. White Hats. Why They matter?
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The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is to increase the number of visitors to a website. Essentially, search engines align certain keywords and phrases to identify the significance of each website. Because of this SEO campaigns also focuses on keywords that promote the most traffic. These campaigns then attribute successful keywords to the website, leading to an increase in traffic.

There are two main routes to accomplish this, the Black Hat method and the White Hat method. Both methods may seem useful, however only one is ethical and proven to have long term effects without any negative repercussions.

Black Hat

Black Hat SEO Services utilized unethical methods to achieve higher search ranking. This short-term method utilizes a manipulation of the algorithms with a quantity over quality mentality. They occasionally get quick results, but these results aren’t lasting.

Some methods Black Hat Services utilize are:

  • Invisible text: hidden white text words invisible to the visitors, but noticeable by the search engine.
  • Doorway Pages: fake pages inaccessible to the visitor, which are used to create a façade of higher pages
  • Optimizing Fake Accounts: creating fake accounts on social media solely to promote your website and discredit the competition

The new Penguin update is specifically targeting Black Hat SEO methods, such as these. While they yield quick results, search engines highly disapprove of this method and eventually the website can be banned or placed at a lower ranking. Ultimately, they can be extremely detrimental to the website when discovered.

White Hat

Those who practice White Hat SEO utilize ethical techniques approved by search engines. While White Hat does not yield result as quickly as Black Hat, there is a guarantee of positive results in the long term. This methods requires effective research and analysis

Some White Hat Techniques are:

  • Redeveloping Websites: this increased the likelihood the website will be recognized by not only the search engine, but also the user.
  • Relevancy: Creating links, keywords and meta tags that are related to the site, instead of tricking the user to visit.
  • Content: The content on the site should be relevant and unique to the website. It should inform the reader of the material on the website.

Furthermore, unlike Black Hat techniques, White Hat Services can ensure results that will not be penalized; these websites will not be terminated or disabled. This method is most likely to have long lasting positive results.

Ultimately, quick results from Black Hat techniques may seem like the best route, unfortunately this path is most hazardous. White Hat methods will be effective in time. These successful SEO techniques take time to develop and are worth the wait.

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