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Beware of Spider Traps!

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Search Engine Robots?

So what are robots and what do they do for your website? Well, when a search engine robot visits your web page, there are some fundamental properties you need to understand if you want to get your website indexed. Search engine robots are just a simple piece of software that visit your web page, collect data, and then return that data to the search engine.

The search engine and the robots are all encassed in a world of URLs – not websites and web pages as we think of it. This is where spider traps can come in to play.

In some sites, there are often variable (s) at the end of a URL that ould be unique, or determined by session. This poses an issue for the search engine and its robots. The search engine may have trouble realizing it could be on the exact same page over and over, causing a loop, and not having the ability to get out.

So do Search Engine Spiders help determine rankings?

No. The spiders only have one job, and that is to crawl all the content they can in order to capture information. This information is then sent back to the main search engine. These spiders are what see and upload your website or your newest changes.

How smart are search engine spiders?

The question itself poses an issue. We are talking about robots crawling web pages – that is there sole purpose. No matter the update, the spider’s job stays the same. To crawl and send information back.

Keep the following in mind when it comes to spiders, crawlers, and search engine optimization:

1. Spiders are designed to crawl the web. Keeping your content fresh is the best way to keep spiders visiting your website. New articles, pages, and information as frequent as possible. Don’t pour tons of content at once in to your site, instead – add new content each day.

2. You do not need to add a revisit tag to your html. Adding new content regularly will keep the robots coming back.

3. You also do not have to submit yourself to the search engine to be crawled by robots.

4. Make sure your website has a Site Map. This ensures that no matter what page a spider starts on – it can easily crawl your entire site.

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