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Benefits of WordPress VS HTML

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Although standard HTML and PHP-based websites are still widely-available throughout the Internet’s millions of pages, they are no longer preferred in today’s technologically-driven world. Instead, using content management systems, also known as CMS, such as WordPress, are now much more preferred for a variety of reasons and a number of benefits that can ultimately help to get your site and online presence up in much less time.

Save Programming and Coding Time

Any time you wish to develop your own website or blog from scratch using HTML and PHP yourself, it is necessary to understand the programming and coding language on your own. Knowing HTML and PHP can require a bit more time than using a CMS system, although it may limit you if you are stuck with a deadline or on a schedule to launch the website or blog you want to build.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages

One of the biggest perks of using WordPress over a standard HTML or PHP-based website is the search engine optimization benefits. SEO is essential to help with building a website or blog’s overall page ranking within search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Using WordPress automatically ensures your website is formatted properly for search engines to detect and locate any new content you publish at all times.

Plugins and Themes

Additionally, WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes to help improve your blog’s overall look, feel and its functionality. Installing themes and plugins gives you the ability to instantly add new features such as social media widgets, portfolio plugins and galleries to show off images and photographs. You can also install widgets to help track your blog posts’ performance, views and even the number of subscribers, registered users and contributors you have writing on your blog or site. WordPress additionally has hundreds of free themes in addition to paid themes if you are seeking a professionally-designed layout to put to use.

Understanding the benefits that WordPress has to offer over traditional website setups including PHP and HTML is a way for you to determine the solution that is right for you and any blog or brand you are interested in branding. Taking the time to review all of the features and capabilities WordPress has to offer before building your next site can ultimately help you to outshine competition while ensuring you stand out among any other blogs or websites relevant in your industry at all times.

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