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Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

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Having a mobile compatible website is on of the most important aspects of you online presence. Considering that 90% of Americans have a cell phone and most have internet on their phone, it is imperative that your website in mobile compatible. Having a mobile website also allows a client to referred to easier. For example, many individuals can text your website to possible customers who, in turn, look at your website on their phone.

This methods is all about making it easier on the customer. Over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices. A customer is less likely to browse through a hard to view and manage website. According to PEW Internet, almost a half of americans use their phone when deciding when to visit a business. The easier the website is to browse through, the longer they tend to stay on the site. Simplicity is key. To make is easier on the client mobile friendly websites are now featuring


Some mobile features that can be beneficial are:

1. Click to Call: This allows the user to simply click your phone number to make  a call. This eliminates the process of writing the phone number down or trying to remember it. It makes it easier and less of a hassle for the client to get in direct contact with your company. Ultimately, this eliminates the human error of writing down the wrong number or any other issues associate with it.

2. Mapping Locations: 74% of adult smart phone users over the age of 18 use their phone to get directions other information based their location. Providing mobile users with a map can make it easier to find your location. Furthermore, when your locations mapped they can easily send this information to their friends or contacts. This essentially generates more traffic to your store and

3. Easy Viewing: With easy viewing users will spend more time on your website. It ensures the text is large and readable, the photos and videos load quickly and it fits the dimension of any cell phone screen. This makes visiting your website more appealing and you will see higher engagement levels and improved conversions. This prevents users from abandoning your site quickly.

With the amount of competition, companies can thrive with a successful SEO campaign. It is essential to use SEO to help market your company and provide you with more clients. While many want immediate results, patients is key. SEO will deliver results, as long as you are patient, it is a long term investment. One of the most important aspect of a SEO campaign is creating a mobile friendly website.

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